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West Palm Beach
Floride, USA


1. Valley Reef

There is a ledge on both sides of the diver, creating a valley effect down the middle. The depth in the valley is 75 ft., and the walls of the ledges vary between three and ten feet in height.

2. Koller's Reef

Depths at Koller's Reef range from 75 to 85 feet. If you wish, you can drift dive the area, following the reef out to 125 feet. This is a very winding reef which meanders north and south. Sea turtles are quite commonly sighted, and they have no fear of divers, often coming in close to have their pictures taken.

3. Mizpah

This is definitely one of the best wrecks in Florida. She was sunk in 1968 and lies in 90 ft. of water, just 10 minutes from the dock. The Mizpah is a 185 ft. Greek luxury liner with 3 levels to explore and 3 ft. of soft corals covering the ship, from bow to stern.

4. Amarylis

The Amarylis is 450 ft. long and lies in 80 ft of water. Only it's hull and bottom deck remain; the other decks were removed in order to pull the ship off the beach where it was found after a hurricane.

5. The Barge When people think of Palm Beach wreck diving, this little barge doesn't always come to mind because of her competitors, the Mizpah and the Amarylis. As a result, large game fish constantly surround the barge and never hesitate to great a diver. Everything on the barge is huge : there are morays, tropicals, 50 to 100-pound grouper, and, occasionally, a 300 to 400 pound jewfish.
6. Double Ledges Beautiful twin ledges which lie south of the inlet in 90 ft. of water. These sites should not be missed, as the amount of marine life on them is unbelievable !

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7. Palm Beach
This site has 3 wrecks, the Eidsvaag Freighter, the Phillips Barge and the Rolls Royce. Aside from the beautiful wrecks, there are also three large friendly green eels that have been feed for your entertainment.
8. Rock Piles Just south of the inlet lies the oldest artificial reef which was formed when the Palm Beach Inlet was made. This site is known for its large variety of marine life and shells. It is also a favorite for lobster hunters.
9. Breaker's Reef The prettiest reef in the Palm Beach area! It has a 4 to 8 foot ledge, graced with a statue of King Neptune at the north end of the reef. There are lots of beautiful creatures to be found here such as turtles, stingrays and lots of tropical fish and invertebrates.

10. The Trench This reef has a 12 ft. wide trench cut through the reef east to west. This allows all kinds of animals a place to hide and escape the current.
11. Cable
An excellent 25 ft. deep reef. Communication cables cross the reef at the north and south end. Large numbers of tropical species can be found here.
12. Ron's Reef Short reef with not much relief except at the north end where Ron's rock can be found. Lots of tropicals here!

13. Midway This beautiful reef line, located close to the inlet, has lots of coves, gullies and brightly colored sponges. Fish are everywhere. Schooling fish and tropicals sweep through the coral arches and caverns. Another great feature here is the almost total absence of current. The 70 ft. barge is located at the north end of the ledge.
14. Paul's Reef A beautiful 8 ft tall ledge running SE to NW decorated with lots of soft corals and rock crevices. The north end of this reef will make you feel like your diving in the Bahamas
15. Horseshoe
Depths on Horseshoe Reef vary from 40 ft. at the top of the reef to 55 ft. in the sand. The inner ledge is a ten-foot vertical drop undercut in many areas by small caves and ledges. The reef is covered with a beautiful array of sponges and soft corals. Rays, barracuda and amberjacks are common.


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